Create an email forwarder

An email forwarder enables you to have a domain associated email (i.e. that is directed to a pre-existing email address ( When a visitor sends an email to your domain associated email address, the system will simply forward the email to your other email address. All email management will still occur within your pre-existing email account.

To add your own email forwarder, please follow these instructions:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click the Settings gear icon in the top right
  • Click Manage Email Accounts
  • Click Add Email Address

  • Enter the name of your new email address in the Email field 
  • Choose a password for your email account and type it in the Password field 
  • Confirm your password 
  • Choose where incoming emails will be delivered to, select Forward to the following email address(es) 
  • In the box below enter the email address that messages will forward to
  • Click Create to add your new email address

Keep in mind that Point2 is aggressively filtering all email forward accounts for junk mail. Because these filters can occasionally filter out desired messages from your contacts, it is strongly recommended that you check your own junk folder periodically in Webmail.

Access these folders by logging in to your website and clicking on Webmail under the Settings gear icon or simply visit:

You will be prompted to enter your email address & password. If you do not know your password follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click the Settings gear icon
  • Click Manage Email Accounts 
  • The password can be reset by clicking Manage next to the email address
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