Email not working after pointing domain

In order for your domain associated email to continue working we need to set up your email on our servers. We can set up email for you in two different ways

1) Email Forward - If you would like your email address set up to forward/redirect to another email address (e.g. --> then we can set this up at no charge.

2) If a new email account is required (i.e. you would like us to host your email addresses) then this is available with your Point2 membership. With this option you can check your email via Web Mail or a program such as Outlook.

If you wish to keep this email address hosted with your current email provider, please provide us with the MX and CName records for this email account. These records will allow us to forward your email to your original account. You will have to request your MX and CName records from your current email host. Once you receive these records please provide them to Customer Care and we will be happy to set them up for you.

Please be advised that your email address may take up to 48 hours to function correctly after pointing a domain to become fully active.

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