Select selling areas

Selling areas are used for a variety of reasons in a Point2 account.  To find out where they're used click here. To select your selling areas:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Handshake from the top menu
  • Click Selling Areas
  • It will automatically default to the country and state selected when you signed up 
  • You can select the cities or drill down further to the neighborhoods 
  • To select an area click on the box next to the city or neighborhood name (if you select a city, it will automatically select all the neighborhoods within that city as well) 
  • Continue to do this for all the areas that you work in
  • Once selected, your selling areas will automatically be displayed under the Selected Areas section

A blue box next to the name means that the area and all sub-areas to the right are selected. A half full box means that at least one sub-area to the right is selected. Selected selling areas will be listed below the menu. 

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