What is Handshake?

Handshake is the exclusive Point2 listing advertising feature available to Point2 members. It empowers you to create Point2 listing advertising agreements with other real estate professionals who are using Point2. This feature is available with all active Point2 memberships who have at least one listing in a common selling area, but can be opted in or out of.

You are in control of the advertising agreements you engage in. You have the option to advertise with Point2 users as long as your selling areas match. Ultimately, you have the choice of precisely whom you actually create a Handshake agreement with.

Once established, advertising agreements allow other Point2 members to expose your Point2 listings on their websites and vice-versa. The listings cannot be edited by those it is advertised with and appears on their websites as is.

All handshake listings are branded with the colors and contact information of the agent's website they appear on. In other words your contact information will be displayed on all listings on your website, including those belonging to other members.

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