Is Handshake in accordance with rules and regulations?

In the Point2™ License Agreement, it is stipulated that Point2 listings that are entered, marked as advertiseable, then advertised via handshake agreements, are done so with the explicit consent of the Broker for the Point2 listing. This being the case, you are not in violation of any rules and regulations by displaying other brokers' Point2 listings. If you intend to advertise Point2 listings, make sure you have your broker’s permission and the permission of the seller.

Handshake is simply a tool that real estate professionals can employ with the broker's approval with complete control, to safely and effectively get maximum exposure for their clients.

Real estate professionals and their clients stand to gain the most from this technology. A broker or homebuilder (via an agent) can instantly expose their Point2 listing on hundreds of local websites. Please remember that the Point2 listing identifies the brokerage anywhere it appears which is visible under the Point2 listing's details. Further, the Point2 listing data is not editable by other members, and activity from all websites it is displayed on is completely tracked.

In fact, this extreme level of control extends to the member displaying the Point2 listings. Their listings and handshake listings can be grouped or broken down and displayed by type (single family, condo, multi) styles (Ranches, Victorian), or by specific agents.

Looking further into the issue of advertising, there are many reasons why a seller might want to control how and where their Point2 listing is advertised. No one better understands this than the agent who developed the relationship with the seller. That said, by law the agent must follow the policies that his or her broker implements.


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