Automatically approve or block new handshake agreements

There are settings you can select to have handshake take care of itself automatically. This goes for approving and blocking agreements.

The first option to approve is to place new members in the pending my approval list so you can go through one by one and approve the agents you want.

  • On the same screen as above select Place all new members in the Pending My Approval list
  • Click Save Changes 

The second option is to opt out of handshake and block all new members. Then you will not need to go through a pending my approval list and block one by one, it can do it automatically if you do not want to participate in Handshake. Here is how to do that:

  • On the same screen as above select Block all new members
  • Click Save Changes

The third option is to have a previously approved handshake agreement moved back to Pending My Approval. This is based on the agent being blocked for content reasons. To do this:

  • Place a check mark beside Automatically Unapprove members who get blocked for bad content reasons  
  • Use the number of times drop down to select the number of blocks the agent would need to receive before being moved back to the Pending My Approval folder 
  • Click Save Changes 
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