Automatically approve or block new handshake agreements

There are settings you can select to have handshake take care of itself automatically. This goes for approving and blocking agreements.

These settings can be changed or applied the following way:

  • Go to Handshake in the top menu
  • Click on Manage Handshake Agreements
  • Click on the Auto Approve/ Block New Members button

  • From the pop-up window you can adjust these settings using the 3 options

The first option is to approve all new members, or just the new members that have listings in their Online Office.

  • To approve all new members just check Approve all new members
  • If just want to approve the members with listings, be sure to check that option as well
  • Click Save

The second option is to place new members in the pending my approval list so you can go through one by one and approve the agents you want.

  • On the same screen as above select Place all new members in the 'Pending My Approval' list
  • Click Save

The third option is to block all new members.

  • On the same screen as above select Block all new members
  • Click Save


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