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You are able to have listings from your Point2 account display on your Facebook Business Page. Initially you will need to set up the App to allow Facebook to access your Point2 Listings and then going forward all new listings will be automatically added to your Facebook Business Page.

First however you will need to link your Facebook account with your Point2 account. To do this:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Listings from the top menu
  • Click Facebook Apps

Now there are three scenarios that could happen next. It depends first if you have already linked your Point2 account, second if you do not have a business page created in that linked account and third if you already have business pages created in the linked Facebook account.

Depending on the message you see at the top of the screen, directly under the large blue wording Facebook Apps, skip to the steps needed in the correct location in the instructions below.

1) “It looks like you have not linked your Facebook account with Point2. “

  • Next to that message, click the link “Link your Facebook account
  • Enter your email address and password used to sign in to Facebook and click Log In
  • A message pops up that says: Point2 would like to access your public profile, friend list and email address. If you agree to this click Okay, if not click Cancel and you will not be able to add this app
  • Next another box appears that says: Point would like to manage your Pages, click Okay
  • Now your Facebook account and Point2 account are linked and you’re on your way.
  • Continue to follow the instructions in the next two headings of the instructions below

2) “You need a Facebook business page for your Facebook app and you don’t have any.”

  • Next to the message, click the Create one now link 
  • A box appears with a set of instructions to follow, however these instructions will contain the same things to follow so click Create Page and continue to follow these instructions
  • Click Local Business or Place from the business page types
  • From the Choose a category drop down select Real Estate
  • You must enter your contact information and check off “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” 
  • Click Get Started
  • Go through the About tab, you’re required a description and we recommend to create a unique URL. Click Save Info and you can enter as much or as little information as you want on the Profile Picture, Claim and Reach More People tabs. You have to click the Save button or Skip button on each tab before you can proceed to the next one. The business page looks better the more information that you fill in here.
  • After your page has been created go back to your Point2 account and click the Done button
  • Along the top our business page will show as a link that says: My Facebook business page with a link to the name of the page 
  • Continue to follow the instructions in the next heading of the instructions

3) “My Facebook business page”

  • If you only have one business page the listings will add to that page
  • If you have multiple business pages you will need to choose which page you want to add the listings to by using the drop down box with the selection of business pages
  • Click the Add to page button once the selection has been made

  • To see how the listings appear click View on Facebook
  • If you do not like how this turned out you are able to remove the listings very easily by clicking Remove from page

**For Professional and Elite members, you can configure which listings will be displayed in the My Listings app:

  • Go to Listings from the top menu and click Facebook Apps

  • Click Configure under the My Listings section
  • Under Choose Listings to Display, select one of the following:
    • All Listings: Your listings and handshake listings in a single list
    • My Listings Only: Handshake listings will not be displayed.
    • Handshake Listings Only: Your listings will not be displayed.
    • My Listings and Brokerage Listings: Your listings and brokerage listings will be displayed together as a single list.
  • Under Filter by Listing Status select the listings you want to be displayed (minimum of 1 status is required)
  • Click OK

If at any time in the future you decide to add the listings back, you are able to do so as easily as you just did by clicking Add to page again.

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