Low Cost Marketing Ideas that Yield Extraordinary Results

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Tim Hammond,

Linda Hall,


Are you frustrated hearing some great money-making ideas, but not having a clue how to get started?  Don't have the money?  Don't know how to schedule?

We've got you covered!

We've put together a tried and true step-by-step process used by real agents that have measurable great return on investment on both sales, referrals, and local branding!

You'll meet agents Linda Hall and Tim Hammond, hwo are rock stars in their communities, spending less money, yet receiving real sales, more referrals, and greater visibility.

You'll learn:

    • How to initiate local community drives without spending a dime or taking too much time!
    • Why leveraging your local merchant services doubles your marketing efforts and cuts your costs!
    • What you can do every day using your own activity calendar to keep on target with your marketing initiatives to keep you focused!
    • Measuring your results to prove a great ROI.


Duration: 00:53:58

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