Market with No Money, Yet Get Results

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Jerry Aulenbach,

Connor MacIvor,


How does one agent get over a dozen extra sales simply from cooking bacon?  Jerry is one special agent who figured out how to use Twitter, blogs, and bacon to get more leads!  It all happened one Sunday morning over breakfast with his family, and the rest is bringing home the bacon - literally!

Now what could be a major contrast to bacon?  Our second superstar, Connor, traded in his over seventeen years in law enforcement to become a major producer, using blogging as his main strategy.  He targets markets to his special sphere with deep, thorough, and consistent messaging of his market area.

Hear more about hos these agents spent $0 to get started with their niche markets to gain leads and sales, as well as ideas under $100 that they used once they got started!

Here's what's in store for you:

    • How to niche market with anything - even bacon!
    • What you can do to brand yourself as the "go-to" resource and market specialist.
    • Why expertise builds celebrity authority and brand.
    • How to use online channels to create a robust following with no money, but the smart use of time and free channels.


Duration: 01:00:13

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