How to Network Globally to Find Buyers

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Janet Choynowski,


How about opening up your listings to a global over 22 languages?

Did you know that you can easily network globally with buyers and other professionals?

Why not tap into this enormous market?  International buyers are a serious force in the US market, offering a huge opportunity to side-step the language barriers.

Learn from the expert on how to get more exposure for your listings, and win with vibrant new information for your sellers!  Not comfy with foreign buyers?  Doesn't matter - just make your properties available - and with Point2, it is free!

You will learn:

    • How expanding the reach of your listing globally impresses a seller and gets more buyers in the scope.
    • Global marketing fits right into your Point2 initiatives as a differentiator.
    • How global markets work.
    • Why exposing your property to foreign buyers is a good thing.


Duration: 00:50:40

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