Get Organized, Be Productive, Make More Money

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Chris Crouch,


Frazzled?  Swamped?  Can you use some real organization for more productivity?

Ramp up your business with tips on how to improve your focus, organization, productivity, and time.

Join us and organization and productivity expert Chris Crouch, author of "Getting Organized" and "Getting More Done", and the contended achiever as he shares the no-baloney ideas that address six major issues that could be creating big disorder in your life.

You will learn:

    • The 5 right decisions to make right now.
    • How to handle "overwhelm".
    • Getting over your homeostasis hump to make better changes.
    • Why "To Do" lists can hurt or help.
    • Less effort, more results.

Bonus: Don't forget the checklist downloads below the webinar viewer!



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