How to Unlock the Secret Code to Dominate Your Market

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Tricia Andreassen,,


Do you ever wonder if it is really worth your time to post information on Facebook or other channels to really show up in hard dollar profits? 

Did you know that using Facebook effectively could result in as many as a dozen buyer and seller leads in hours?

Tricia Andreassen is an international speaker, business strategist, and certified executive coach who knows just what we need to to, how to do it, and how to finally get the results agents have always wanted using Facebook!

Get the scoop on:

    • How to work Facebook and online channels in ways that attract and engage potential customers
    • Posting the RIGHT content for positive connections and sales
    • What you need to know to make more sales by integrating vision, brand, web strategy, print marketing, and all marketing channels
    • Get the real scoop on how to use cutting-edge creative practices online that yield amazing results
    • What apps to use to maximize your engagement like apps, ads, sponsored posts, events, and more

If you are frustrated, confused, and still randomly "posting stuff", investing your time in this session will help you discover the right activities that provide real results!

Bonus: Don't forget Tricia's best-selling book, Interfusion Marketing!


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