5 Easy Ways to Start Using Video Now

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Michael Krisa,


When you’ve bottomed out your budget and still have no real leads, you’ve got to ask yourself, “What else can I do on a limited budget to get more hot prospects?”.

The what else can be as easy as adding a new and quite affordable and simple medium that is already the number one choice to all types of consumers both buyers and sellers. It’s not that the traditional methods are ineffective, but you can triple their effectiveness by adding the top engagement tool on the planet, video!

Michael Krisa is an expert on how agents today can incorporate simple video to explode their marketing and branding in the marketplace. Michael has made simple 5 easy steps to get even the most timid agents embrace the power and affordability of using video in their marketing plan.

    • How to jump in and stop making excuses about not using video in your marketing 
    • The 5 tips you will learn that will make you more profits more easily and for less marketing dollars
    • See what other agents have created both in the US and Canada that are making prospects come to them without investing in tons of outbound traditional marketing

Bonus: View more information on how to use video, as well as specific information about using your iPad to create videos.


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