Top Tips to Convert Massive Leads to More Sales

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Verl Worman,


What’s better than massive leads? A solid plan to convert the lead to a prospect and turn that prospect into a sale.

Many agents think they want more leads, but having a bunch of leads and no plan to convert them is the challenge!

Leads are the pipeline to sales, and sales are the way we all get paid. The best way to set up an endless stream of leads is to set up the nurturing and incubation systems to service that lead until the prospect is ready to buy or sell.

When you get right down to it, lead management is often more important than lead generation and yet most agents have not invested in a system that really works. Imagine how many more sales you could make when you have the resources in place to develop, maintain, categorize and prioritize your leads to make real money fast and often!

Verl Workman, super coach and self-proclaimed “Freaking Sales Animal”, will share the tips and proven techniques and systems he has in place to generate high volume leads backed by a powerful system to help connect, nurture and convert prospects to sales.

Verl will share:

• How to identify the best lead sources
• Why you must use the ABC’s of prioritizing those leads for maximum payoff
• What you can do to nurture and maintain your leads through the incubation period
• Where to find the best leads for your market
• The biggest mistakes most agents make to get real leads

Forget frantically looking for leads, and join us to get the full scoop from Verl Workman on how to easily get and convert leads to more sales!

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