Are You Making Negotiating Mistakes that are Costing Big Money?

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Don Hutson,


How good you are at negotiating for buyers and sellers can make or break a transaction, and yet most agents have little investment in negotiation training or coaching to get better at the one activity required to be more successful in real estate…negotiating to win!

If you can’t even negotiate what you get paid, chances are your clients will figure out you won’t be a sizzler on their behalf at the bargaining table when an offer is made. Strong negotiation skills are proven to be a key issue when hiring a real estate professional to handle their sale or a buy.

Negotiation expert and NYTimes #1 Bestselling author, Don Hutson, knows how to help us avoid the five biggest mistakes most agents make when listing or selling. Don is confident when you learn how to strategically work within a collaborative strategy, it is easier to enjoy the process. His expert insights will help us to better address competitive or confrontational situations when working with buyers or sellers for more profitable outcomes.

Negotiation doesn’t just happen in real estate. You need good negotiation skills for every aspect of your personal and professional life, so getting better at the negotiation process is key! You can’t afford NOT to get better at negotiations! Don’t miss this important session with international sales trainer, author and expert Don Hutson.

Join us to discover:

• Why agents avoid negotiating.
• What you can do to overcome the fear of the negotiation process.
• How to identify the 4 Negotiation strategies and how to handle each one.
• Why women and men negotiate differently.
• How to avoid the 3 most common words that diminish your position and power at the negotiations table.


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