Schedule, Script, and Sell for High ROI this Fall

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Terri Murphy,


Most agents want to make more sales before the year ends, but miss the mark on what steps they need to accomplish the steps they need to make those sales actually happen!

Terri shares a fully-executable editorial and marketing plan plugged into the October calendar to take you from step 1 through October 31st and keep you on track for more real return on your dollar-productive activities.

We will discuss:

    • How to plug in the dates for October, and how to use the template for any month of the year.
    • What scripts you need for mailers or communication calls.
    • How to engage your community for little or no money.
    • Why this can boost your year-end numbers for a great holiday income!

Bonus: Don't forget your template download below the webinar viewer!


Duration: 00:44:10



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