5 Super Secrets You Need to Get More Listings and Get Them Sold Fast

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Terri Murphy,
Barry Baptist,


What if there were 5 simple secrets to help you get the best listings, beat out your competition and get them sold fast?

Terri shares the 5 little secrets that will make sellers fight to sign up with you and your super services!

You will get the scoop on:

    • How using your iPad, Smartphone, or laptop using one simple, easy-to-use program will propel you to the top of the list with prospective sellers.
    • What one free (or almost free) resource you may already have that will be the breakthrough script for sellers to say yes!
    • Why implementing a 10/10/20 strategy with your strategic partners will strongly differentiate you from your competitors and impress your sellers and the local area that you are a "get it done" agent...and for little or no marketing dollars.
    • How using virtual tools can amaze and engage your sellers.
    • What one top marketing strategy you can include in your presentation that will set you apart.
    • Terri mentions Sam and Marsha - see their webinar here!

Bonus: Don't forget your downloads after the webinar viewer!


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