How to Overcome Prospecting Phobia


Terri Murphy,


10 killer lead generation ideas - turning on the faucet to full blast for all the leads you need!

Ever suffered call reluctance? How about total call avoidance? Or perhaps you think that "calling" is out because the internet is "in"?

If you are like most sales people, you know that prospecting is critical to the sales process, but actually staring at the phone won't help you make more sales!

No one like rejection, and calling, whether it is warm or cold, can be your hotline to making real dollars! Terri will share some tips from Bob Corcoran, super coach, and top producers who know how to turn your phone into a cash machine!

We will share:

    • Building your confidence with a plan
    • Scripts to help your prospecting transition from timid to tremendous
    • Integrating your prospecting with all connection channels for a higher ROI
    • The tricks to starting, sticking, and converting prospecting time to income time

Bonus: Don't forget your download after the webinar viewer!

Bonus: Michael Krisa joined us today, and suggested you also check out these websites for scripts and helpful videos:

Scripts and scenarios for making calls

Great video for handling rejection


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