Go Paperless for More Profits - And You Don't Have to be Tech Savvy!


Terri Murphy,


What if you could save over 400 working hours per year? Imagine enjoying more time to do what you want, reducing your stress and saving a bunch of trees in the process!

Terri will share the top 10 tips to going paperless, even if you aren't tech savvy. She's taken the best tips from some of our top experts like Verl Workman and Garry Wise.

Get the scoop on:

    • What apps will help you save a bundle of hours and cut your fuel costs
    • Why going paperless can save you space and cover your business in future transactions
    • How to cut costs on printing, mailing, shipping, and storing paper
    • Step by step tips to go from paper, to less paper, to paperless easily


Duration: 00:46:20








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