5 Tips on How to Dominate Your Marketplace


Terri Murphy,


Have you spent countless hours loading content, information, tips and reports online only to fail to get even one single sale or identify even one tiny lead for your investment of time?

There must be some secret system to go from posting to profits, but how can you eliminate the frustration by identifying the right activities that result in real sales?

Don’t even think about missing this session! Terri takes the best from our top subject matter experts to share with us the top 5 biggest money making tips you need to start saving time and making more sales from your online efforts.

We’ve put together the best tips from our May expert, Tricia Andreassen’s new bestselling book, “Interfusion Marketing: Unlock the Secret Code to Dominate your Market” and super agents Garry Wise of the Paperless Agent and Michael Krisa, video expert to give you 5 sure fire activities to rock your bottom line.

In this super session we will share: 

    • Eliminate the confusion by discovering the content that is more likely to attract, engage, connect and convert more prospects to profits to engage more leads
    • The power of using Facebook ads that get real leads real fast 
    • What apps to use to maximize your engagement like ads, sponsored posts, events and more!
    • How to incorporate your own “interfusion marketing strategy” to blend, weave and mix the core elements to result in your own recipe for success!

If you are frustrated, confused and still randomly posting “stuff”, investing your time in this session will help you discover the right activities that provide real results!


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