Top Ten Ways to Use Videos to Broadcast Your Way to More Sales


Terri Murphy,


Are you stumped on where to spend your meager advertising and marketing budget to get the biggest splash for your money?

We’ve got the simple low cost/no cost solutions to your challenge!

The U.S.Postal Service reports that traditional hard copy mail is diminishing. With the demise of what used to always work, what can today’s agent do to market themselves in today’s noisy marketplace on a small budget to stand apart from the crowd?

The answer is VIDEO! Michael Krisa, our June Success Series video expert shared with us the best ways to stand out as the “celebrity authority” by incorporating simple video in our marketing matrix. This coaching call will share the top 10 simplest and cheapest ways to get more leads without being a professional videographer!

Here are a few tips to get you ready to start your camera’s now!

    • No need to invest in pricey equipment! If you already have an iPhone or a tablet, you are almost ready to go!
    • Think Expert – video is the instant talent platform for celebrity status in a specific area.
    • Got $5? That’s all it costs to get a simple but easy editing software for your smart phone or iPad that makes editing easy!
    • Dislike seeing yourself on video? Become your local television type anchor and “cover” local and community events.
    • Think you are too busy to add video to your busy day? We’ll share some real life tips from agents juggling kids, home, and real estate and who still manage to get real video

Save yourself time, money and get the best tips from experts and agents who have proven strategies to get more prospects more easily using video!



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