Out-market to Out-sell Your Competition with 5 Secret Sales Strategies


Terri Murphy, 
Special guest: Shaun Nilsson,


Does your marketing presentation WOW your sellers? If not, you could use a reboot and revamp of what to do in order to really stand apart from the competition and win every listing!

Old flip charts, boring books and company marketing collateral will generate a yawn from the savvy seller of today. It is time to put on the RITZ to excite, connect and ultimately engage sellers to list with you.

If you are using the same ‘ole tired presentations that you’ve been using, you’re destined to get the same results! Sellers are smarter than ever and have heard it all before! Summer is a great time to invest in a “Re-Boot” of your daily marketing and presentation tools.

Learn to spruce up your presentation with the latest scripts, dialogues, systems and resources to knock your presentations up a notch.

Join us for the first of our summer “Re-Boot Camp” session and reignite your presentations with easy steps that will get your sellers to list with you. This session is loaded with top tips on what you need to create a compelling, proven, fresh approach to get the listing, and get it sold FAST!

• The new innovations to get buyers to come to you.
• Update your online strategies that work to attract, engage connect and convert today’s today’s mobile consumer.
• Go global with your brand to reach more international buyers.
• Maximize the traditional print marketing with a big boost from your online channels for less money!
• Take advantage of online media and marketing posts that target and attract today’s digital buyers and sellers.
• How the power of a single property pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube can attract buyers and convert more listing appointments into signed listings.

Bonus: Check out Point2 on Pinterest for pins that you can use and even re-pin, as well as these suggestions for ideas on using Pinterest. Also, don't miss out on some great advice on how to customize Facebook links to get more engagement!


Duration: 00:39:15





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