5 Steps to Massive Lead Conversion Made Easy


Terri Murphy, 


Leads! Every agent says they need more leads….but what if they are wrong?

Leads are are good to have, but prospects that are ready to buy from you are better! What’s the difference? A solid lead generation and conversion system to help you prioritize and manage those leads to make more sales more easily. Getting leads is easy, but knowing what leads are the good ones is critical!

Terri Murphy shares step-by-step what you can do to stop wasting your time, money, and energy chasing empty leads. Incubate the warm ones and make fast sales with the hot ones!

Here are a few top strategies to get more leads that result in real sales:

    1. Prioritizing the lead for the probability of a sale is an important key to conversion. When you know if the lead is an A, B, or C (find out about this ranking system in the webinar!), you can quickly get that lead into a system that is set up to service, nurture and grow that lead until they buy or sell.
    2. Not every lead is a good one! Know when you’ve got to let go to save you time and resources. Learn how to target high possibility prospects with a structured needs analysis and an agreement for commitment.
    3. Have an online presence that works 24 hours a day. If you don’t’ have a website that offers lead capture, lead servicing and email reports, you are doomed to doing less business with more work. Consumers today prefer a mobile marketplace and real time information disseminated online to smart phones or tablets will pre-empt the phone call. 


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