Getting Your Clients to say "YES!" with Smart Client Retention Strategies


Terri Murphy, 


Imagine yourself at a grocery store weighing the advantages of choosing one brand over another. What kind of thinking process do you go through to identify which one you will buy? You might consider the price but depending on your need, you’ll most likely buy the product you trust. This same thinking process is shared by buyers and sellers every day.

The question to ask yourself is, “What is my brand in my marketplace?” Success comes when you have crafted a plan to stand apart from the crowd to become the undisputed number one choice for your top customers and clients.

But where do you start the process to initially attract the customer, bring them through the conversion process, and then keep them for life? Like everything else, you can only arrive at a specific destination with a well thought out plan.

Terri Murphy knows how to keep clients coming back! Join her to get the easy steps you need to get your leads to go from hello to using your services forever and beyond with a step-by-step plan to build a solid client retention system.

You will:

- Learn the hottest, most powerful tool you have in your tool box right now that is guaranteed to make you more sales more easily when nurtured with value stacking strategies
- How much is a client worth? Discover the massive level of value your clients have when you leverage their sphere of influence for consistent sales and continuous referrals
- Determine how much is too much! Why setting up the right contact plan is the key to staying connected over the long term

Be sure you don’t miss this valuable power session and get the full blueprint you need for top client retention so you can kiss cold calling goodbye! Build a rich referral and repeat business with clients and their referrals who say YES to make you their #1 choice for all their real estate needs!


Duration: 00:52:00






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