The 5 Top Negotiation Tips to Get the Sale CLOSED!


Terri Murphy, 


Agents can go from confident to crazy when negotiations start flying back and forth in a transaction, and trading offers does not provide top negotiation strategies for your buyer or seller.

Too often, sales people view negotiating as distasteful and try to accommodate when they should really be focusing on how to best collaborate the best outcomes for both sides of the deal.

So why aren’t agents really good at the process? Expert and NYTimes best selling author Don Hutson shared the top mistakes and myths most sales people make that cost big money, and offered some simple steps to get more properties sold and closed.

Terri Murphy will help us implement those highly effective negotiation strategies long before an offer gets ramped up in the heat of negotiations including scripts, scenarios and help us to avoid those frequent mistakes agents make.

Here’s what we will learn:

1) We’ll cover the top biggest mistakes most agents make when negotiating.

2) Why successful negotiation really starts with PREPARATION: consulting with a seller that if an offer comes in immediately after listing, it wasn’t the price was too low, but more because the buyers have been out there, narrowed down their preferences and the property may just fit the bill.

3) Learn the simple PROCESS for better negotiation outcomes. Negotiation is really a process, not an event.

4) Did you know that men and women have tendencies to negotiate differently? It is important to know what questions to ask and when to make sure all parties have full understanding of the outcomes.

5) What you can do when the negotiations go from collaborative to competitive and how to reverse and deploy strategies that get all parties back in the game.

To get the rest of these top negotiation tips and strategies, join us when Terri helps you to be even more prepared and confident for your next negotiation opportunity!



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