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Hi everyone!

We’ve given this space a bit of a face lift and wanted to let you know about it! You’ll have noticed that some of the features have changed places, some have been renamed and some have been removed altogether.

In this new space, we’ve broken things down into three categories:

1) Point2 News – where you will see announcements like this one (and another pretty great one coming later today!)
2) Webinars & Resources – where you can access recordings for past webinars and other neat resources
3) Help & FAQs – your go-to for anything related to your Point2 Agent account

You’ll notice that there is no longer a community message board. In our reorganization, we felt that this resource was not as effective as some of our other help mediums, and we want to be as effective at helping you as possible! We’re online in many different places, but just in case you don’t have those bookmarked, here they are:

Email Customer Care
Point2 Agent Blog

This area will remain your source for news and product updates, so stay tuned and make sure to sign up for notifications of new posts by clicking "Follow" in the upper right-hand corner of this category (you need to be signed in to do this)!

Until next time,

Jacquelyn Bauer
Director, Point2 Customer Relations

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