Manage Prospects

The Manage Prospect page gives you several ways of identifying a prospect's activity. Here's how to access this page:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Prospects from the top menu
  • Click Manage Prospects
  • Locate the prospect you're interested in
  • Click on the prospects name link
  • Now you're on the prospect details page for that prospect


Next to the prospect name are the Prospect contact or edit options:

  • Edit Prospect
  • Email Prospect
  • Call Prospect
  • Delete Prospect


There are also several other management options that should be noted on the manage prospect screen and that can be edited:

  • Email Opt In Status
  • Owned By
  • Category
  • Email Campaign
  • Prospect Groups



There are also a number of tabs that give you access to different information about the prospect's activity:


  • Activity History
  • Conversation History
  • Listing Notifiers
  • Home Evaluations
  • Notes and Reminders



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