Manage widgets

There are a number of widgets you can add to the side column of your blog to customize the look and make it easy for your visitors to navigate. Widgets are used to display things like recent posts, archives or a quick search to find posts on your blog. Follow these steps to manage your blog widgets: 

  • Sign into your Point2 account at
  • Click Websites from the top menu
  • Click Blog
  • In the WordPress blog section, click Manage
  • Hover over Appearance from the side menu and click Widgets

The Widget Area will show what is visible on your blog.

  • To rearrange the current widgets, click and drag the widget names up and down the list.
  • To remove a widget, click the arrow located in the widget section and click the Delete link
  • To add a widget from the Available Widgets section, click and drag a widget over to the Widget Area box
  • The changes will save automatically
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