Automatic blog posts for listings

Since your WordPress blog is integrated into your Point2 site, there are options for you to have blog posts automatically created for your listings.

There are two distinct situations: adding a brand new listing and editing an existing one.

1.When adding a listing to your account and pressing Save button for the very first time, listing gets saved and a new page pops up that confirms the listing was saved. On this page you have additional options that are uniquely available, scroll down the page to see them:

By clicking on Change Preferences button you have access to some unique blog options that can be toggled:

These preferences get saved for all your listings, not only the new one you just added.

2. In case of an existing listing that you edit, in order to have the blog post created automatically, please follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the account at and click Sign In 
  • Once signed in click Listings from the top menu
  • Click Manage Listings
  • Each listing has a new Create Blog Post button, at the bottom of the view, 4th one to the right of the thumbnail pictures:

  •  Click on Create Blog Post button to create a blog post

The post will be published automatically on the blog.  If you want to edit it further you're still able to do so by accessing it through Blog > Edit Blog > All posts > Edit blog post.

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