Issues importing listings

In the United States, listing syndication will be provided using ListHub’s syndication platform, however the ListHub system also facilitates the importing of listings into your Point2 account.

To import your listings to Point2, you will first need to create a ListHub account which can be created at Once this is done, Point2 Homes will need to be enabled as a publisher within your ListHub account. If you need any assistance with this process you can contact ListHub's Customer Care at Something to note, if you're an agent, your broker will also need to have a ListHub account and allow this in order for your listings to come to Point2. You might need to encourage them to create a ListHub account to enable Point2 Homes if they haven't already done so.

Once that has been completed in ListHub, you will be able to connect your Point2 account so that listings import. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 72 hours for everything to be updated on our end and you may not be able to connect your accounts right after creating the ListHub account. To connect, please click here for the steps.

In case you get a message stating that there was no match found for your name within that certain MLS, please double check if syndication to Point2 Homes is enabled through your ListHub account, as this is the only way we will be able to find a match for your name in our system.

In Canada importing listings is done by a direct connection from your Association to Point2.  If you aren't able to find yourself in the list while going through the import/connection process, it is likely because we aren't receiving any data for you. You need to have active listings in order for us to receive any data for you.  Feel free to contact Customer Care at 866-977-1777 or and we can look into the issue further for you.  

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