Point2 Agent Product Updates - January 11, 2016

Updates in January 11th's release:

- Added "Sort by Point2#"  to the Manage Listings page

- Re-added the ability to add HTML to listing highlights

- Fixed a bug that was requiring the user to have a business page to use the Share to Facebook feature

- Re-added the listing count to the tabs on the Manage Listings page

- Fixed a bug that was preventing listing brochures to generate when they had greater than 10 photos

- Fixed a bug that was preventing some users from downloading the SEO guide

- Updated the browser tab title to display the correct status for a listing

- Added additional language support for websites and listing pages


If you have any questions about these or other features, please contact our Customer Care team at 866-977-1777 (North America) or 877-320-9954 (International).

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