Troubleshoot if listings aren't sharing to Facebook or Cannot Connect

If you are having issues sharing listings to your Facebook business page, please follow the troubleshooting steps below to disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account from your Point2 account. This often resolves issues that arise.

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Select Listings from the menu at the top
  • Click Facebook Apps
  • Click Disconnect Facebook button (note if you do not have this option, contact Customer Care)

  • Now log into your Facebook Account
  • Click the Down Arrow drop down in the top right
  • Click Settings at the bottom of the drop down


  • Select Apps 

  • Find the Point2 app and click the X to remove it (appears when you hover over with your mouse)



Once the Point2 app is completely removed from Facebook you can then reconnect it. Follow the instructions below to reconnect it in your Point2 account:

1.   Sign into your Point2 account at

  • Select Listings from the menu at the top of the page
  • Click Facebook Apps
  • Click Connect with Facebook


  • If you are already signed into your Facebook account you will see a message asking to allow Point2 permission to access your Facebook information. Click Okay.
  • If you are not signed into your Facebook account you will be prompted to login first and then allow access from Point2.


  • Please Note: If you do not allow full access you will be unable to share the listings. Your page will refresh to the Point2 Facebook Apps page and will show you are connected

2. My Facebook business page 

  • Click Listings from the top menu and select Facebook Apps
  • If you only have one business page the listings will add to that page
  • If you have multiple business pages you will need to choose which page you want to add the listings to by using the drop down box with the selection of business pages
  • Click the Add to page button once the selection has been made


  • To see how the listings appear click View on Facebook
  • If you do not like how this turned out you are able to remove the listings very easily by clicking Remove from page


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