Removing a Listing shared to Facebook

If you wish to remove a listing that has been shared on Facebook using the "Share on Facebook" feature, you will need to log into your Facebook account, and remove the album that was created when you initially shared the listing.

To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Login to your Facebook account at
  • Find the post on your Facebook page / profile
  • Click the post title to view the entire album (highlighted below)
  • Select the settings gear at the top right of the album
  • Click 'Delete Album' to remove the entire post from Facebook

Note: You are not usually able to remove the post directly from your Facebook wall. 


You should bear in mind, whenever a listing is re-shared using your Online Office, the original Facebook album is not updated, instead a new one is created. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Facebook API (service used to connect Point2 and Facebook). In the case where a listing is updated and re-shared to Facebook, you may wish to either update the Facebook album manually through your Facebook account, or remove the entire album and re-share it using the original steps provided in the "Share on Facebook" guide.

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