Finding a Property on Point2Homes

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Point2 Homes is a website where real estate professionals can advertise or post their listings. We do not sell or rent homes

However, offers many ways to search for a property to purchase, the easiest way to find a property is by using the search box directly on our home page.

To search for a home, follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to 
  • Select "For Sale or For Rent" from the drop-down main search box
  • Type the neighborhood or location you are looking for
  • Press the "Search" button to fetch results


After a few moments, your search results will be displayed according to the criteria that you selected. Below, you can see an example of the way the results are displayed:


The search results contain a lot of information, including everything you need to contact the agent or view information about open houses.

Click the "View Details" link to open the listing in a new page.


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