Stop Receiving Point2 E-mails

If you wish to stop receiving e-mails from Point2, you can manage your e-mail preferences from within your account or unsubscribe directly from within the e-mail you received.


To stop your e-mails, simply click the links at the bottom of the e-mail that you have received. If you would rather login to Point2 to update your preferences, follow the instructions below:

  • Login to 
  • Go to My Account at the top right
  • Go to Manage notifications from the left menu
  • You can either unsubscribe from all emails or select NO for the ones you wish to be unsubscribed from


Also, if you visited the Point2 website recently, using Google Chrome, you might have been asked if you wish to  "Allow" or "Block" Notifications. If you chose to allow them, you will receive Notifications from Point2, although you did not create an account and you did not sign up to any mailing list. 

These Notifications have recently been implemented by Google Chrome, however, you can very easily disable them from your device: computer or Android phone. To do that, please follow the instructions in this link.

For any other browser type, please refer to the links below: 
For Firefox:
For Safari:
For Internet Explorer:

 If after this, you continue to receive e-mail communication from Point2, please kindly forward the message to, mention that you wish to be unsubscribed from the e-mail and we will investigate this further.

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