SSL Certification Update

   Great news: Point2 will be gradually switching to HTTPS encryption for all agent websites in the near future. Read on to find out what this means for you and your websites and why this change is important.

   For the past several years, both Google and other major internet authorities have been strongly advocating that sites adopt the HTTPS encryption in a global effort to increase internet security and privacy.

   Websites that don’t use the HTTPS encryption have been gradually flagged as “Insecure” by Google and starting in July 2018 both Chrome and Firefox will explicitly mark websites that provide forms on pages without HTTPS as being non-secure.

   With that in mind, we started working on a solution to benefit all our users and now the much-requested SSL Certification has been deployed and will now be available to all Point2 Agent users.

   A summary of all the changes brought upon by the update and other useful information can be found below:


What is HTTPS and the SSL Certification?

   In short, the “S” at the end of HTMLS stands for “Secure” and a website that is using the HTTPS encryption must have an SSL Certificate. You can now easily tell which websites are secure by the padlock on the left of the website’s address.

   SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between your browser and a web server. This type of encryption ensures that all data passed between the browser and the web server remains private and integral.

   You can read more details about the HTTPS, TLS and SSL certificates here.


Why was SSL Certification implemented?

   Security and privacy is very important for us here at Point2. By switching to HTTPS we’re now moving one step forward towards a more secure internet.

   At the same time this update allows us to provide all our agents with an SSL certificate which makes your agent and property websites more secure. Homebuyers will also appreciate this change and since implementing an HTTPS encryption became a Google ranking factor it will help you maintain a good Google ranking for your website.


What do you have to do next?

   Due to the implementation of the SSL protocol and the subsequent changes made to our system with this update, users are advised to avoid using third party "HTTP" links on their Agent Site content, as browsers will not properly display them.

   Make sure to use "https" links instead and to replace any existing "http" links from current content, with "https" ones as well!

   This mostly applies to various <iframe> modules that you might’ve used on your website, any photos that are hosted externally on websites that didn’t switch to the HTTPS protocol yet, third party plug-ins that use HTTP link and similar situations.  

   A notification will be displayed in each content module that supports HTML code, letting you know about the necessity of switching out any existing HTTP links for new HTTPS ones.

   If you’ve set-up your website by yourself, be sure to check each page and module to ensure you are only using HTTPS links. If you worked with a web developer to set-up your website, go ahead and ask them to audit your site and see if there are any conflicts.


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