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If you visited the Point2 Homes website recently, using Google Chrome, you might have been asked if you wish to  "Allow" or "Block" Notifications. If you chose to allow them, you will receive Notifications from Point2 Homes, although you did not create an account, sign into one or you did not sign up to any mailing list.  
These Notifications have recently been implemented by Google Chrome; however, you can very easily disable them from your device: computer or Android phone.

Please be advised that the notifications you are receiving are due to settings on your computer's browser or mobile device.

These are local settings on your devices and have been implemented by Google, Safari etc. Given that these settings are on your devices and not from Point2, they can only be disabled and controlled from you end. Below I've included the guides on how to stop them for both mobile devices and personal computers.

Notifications do not have an unsubscribe link, as they are local settings on your devices, which need to be disable by you.

For mobile devices, be it Android or IOS (Apple) based please follow the guides below:
Android devices:
IOs devices (Apple products):

For computer browsers:
For Google Chrome:
For Firefox:
For Safari:
For Internet Explorer:

Had you been receiving emails from, these have an unsubscribe option at the bottom which reads Stop receiving this email or Stop receiving all emails from Point2 Homes. 


I hope this clarifies the issues you are experiencing and helps you in solving it.

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