Point2 Agent Updates- The new Online Office Dashboard

Hello everyone!

Once you sign in to your Point2 account you are in for a big surprise!



That's right! We have redesigned the Online Office Dashboard and you are going to love it! 

As our aim is to constantly improve the Point2 Agent product but still keep it as user friendly as possible, the new dashboard has the same look you are all familiar with but smoother and cleaner overall. Not only does it provide more accessibility to certain features such as your Agent Website/ Blog/ Property site section but it's also faster, more accessible and also mobile friendly. 

Here is how your new Online Office is going to look like: 



So what does the new dashboard offer ?

All of the features you are used to within your Point2 Agent account can be found where you last saw them, under each specific tab BUT we have brought the management of your websites one step closer to you! The option to edit your website, as well as your blog and property sites can be found right under your listings:



New customers, claim your prizes!

With the implementation of the new Online Office we also have great news for our new customers! 

Upon registration, during the 7 days trial period where you can test the features of your account, the new Online Office has a special section with certain steps that you can take to unlock an extension for 28 more days of free trial. On top of that, you will also be able to claim a free Ad for extra advertisement on and also an SEO guide which will help you improve the ranking and traffic on your personal website. Here is how the steps look:



★We are constantly working on implementing all kinds of new features and designs for you to enjoy while running your real estate business through Point2 Agent as customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! ★



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